Solar Installation Virgin Islands

One of the best ways to keep electricity bill down in St. Croix, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. John is by tapping into natural sustainable energy. With the islands getting decent sunlight exposure throughout the years, installing solar panel systems in your home proved to be the smartest move. But it takes professionals to ensure that your solar panels are functioning to the maximum efficiency.

Preliminary Inspection:

Before we actually set up a solar system for your home in the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, our team will carry out a preliminary inspection to determine the cost and any obstacles involved. We’ll want to ensure any uncertainties are ironed out before the job commenced. For instance, nothing should block the solar panels from getting exposure from the sun.

Solar Panel Installation:

Solar panels installation is more than hooking up a few pieces of panels together and hoping that it generates a good amount of electricity. Our engineers use complex formulas to calculate the right power capacity of the solar installations based on your requirements. We also ensure that the right panels are chosen for maximum power delivery.

We know it’s frustrating when bad installations cause low energy efficiency and frequent reworks. Our technicians have ample experience in solar installations and we are confident that there’s little to no maintenance needed once we’ve commissioned the installation.

Need more ideas on solar installation on for your home? Contact our experts at Virgin Island Services now.

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