Commercial Property Management

With St. Croix, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and St. John being a paradise haven for vacation goers, it is only natural that you’re investing in properties for commercial purposes or intended to start a business. Either way, you’ll need a reliable commercial property management firm that you can trust, and Virgin Island Services has a proven track record.

Leading Commercial Property Management Company:

Virgin Islands Services is one of the leading agencies for commercial property management that has successfully leased out and managed a great number of commercial properties on behalf of their owners. We help property owners to screen potential applicants and negotiate the best rate to benefit owners in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Real Estate Expertise:

If you’re starting a business and on the hunt for a great location, our real estate experts will be of great help. We have both the knowledge and resources of the local market to help you identify the best location for your business. Our team would also negotiate on your behalf to secure the best purchase or rental price.

We have the best accounting in place to ensure all the monetary transactions involving the properties are done with ease and accountable. We’ll always be the first on the know if a hot property is placed for sale, or a keen business tenant is looking for a property like yours.

Stop missing out golden opportunities in the commercial real estate in the Virgin Islands and start talking to us now.

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