Roofing Repairs

While Virgin Islands is subjected to the mercy of natural threats like hurricanes, damaged roofs usually occur during the most unsuspecting circumstances. Some may be cracked due to long-term deterioration and you’ll only find out the severity of the damaged roof in a heavy downpour.

Safe & Reliable Roofing Repair Pros

Instead of panicking and climbing up to attempt a repair, the safer way is to call up the hotline of Virgin Islands Services, as we are ready to respond to your emergencies at any time of the day. Fixing roof not only requires choosing the highest quality of replacements but also impeccable skills possessed by our repair team.

We will advise you on the severity of the damage and if other parts of the roof are in a bad shape. You’ll be presented with the choice of a quick fix on the damaged area or a full replacement with a new roofing system of your choice. Either way, we assure you that the roof leaking problem will be an issue in the past.

Customer Satisfaction

As one of the best roofing specialists in St. Croix, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and St. John, we take pride in our work. You’ll be left satisfied when our repair team is done, else we’ll carry out reworks until all your roofing problems are solved.

A leaking roof in the midnight is a good enough reason to contact our roof specialists now.

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