Construction Management

Leave the arduous task of construction projects to us. At Virgin Island services, we ensure your project is handled professionally from start to finish. At Virgin Island Services, we provide engineering, planning, development, and commissioning for projects that range from commercial to residential buildings. We have the professional experience and proficiency to offer our clients end-to-end projects that set raise the standards for value and future profitability.


Construction Managers commissioned by Virgin Island Services are familiar with both CM-Agency and CM At-Risk delivery methods. These procedures allow a proprietor to involve the Manager immediately into the planning period to offer constructability, phasing, pricing and scheduling knowledge. The Manager is delegated based on past experience and level of competency according to the project at hand. In a CM At-Risk situation, the proprietor and Construction Manager (before an agreed upon proportion of completion) consent to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the development of the venture based on a defined scope and schedule.

If You Need A Construction Manager, Call (800) 857-2948 For An Estimate


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