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Virgin Islands Moving Services

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home or apartment, or you need to send a package overseas, Virgin Islands Moving Services can fulfill any of your moving needs. Our team of caring and reliable movers can help you transport your stuff in St. Thomas, St. John, or any surrounding cities on in the Virgin Islands.


No matter how specific your moving needs might be, we offer an extensive variety of services that other movers in the Virgin Islands can’t deliver! Whether you need…

Commercial Moving:

No matter where you’re moving to in the Virgin Islands, our moving company professionals can work side-by-side with you to make sure you feel heard, and taken care of. All of our moving services are provided by well-trained professionals who will treat you and your belongings with respect.

From start to finish, your moving process will be handled by our team – no need to worry about packing, unpacking, or cleaning up after the move. After a free in-home estimate, we’ll provide a fair, reasonable price to meet your needs.Feel free to ask any question if any concerns come up – your satisfaction is guaranteed! We’ll also follow up with you after the move to ensure your needs were met!

Employee Relocation Services in the Virgin Islands:

Have you had a recent change in your company’s work environment? VI Services offers employee relocation services to ensure your company’s employees are transported with care. We know how important it is to you to have your employees feeling settled in and stress-free, so let us handle your relocation so you can focus on what you do best!

Freight Forwarding Services:

Do you have a large shipment to send overseas? Virgin Islands Services can arrange and coordinate shipments to any destination. Our network of trusted and reliable freight forwarding agents can ensure that your shipment is delivered safely and on-time, no matter what size or weight your package.

In addition, our staff and facilities can package and prepare any freight you’ll be sending. Whether you need an item packed, wrapped, crated, or frozen, you can trust that our highly-trained professionals will handle your freight with care.

Packing Services:

Have any valuable items that require special care while they’re being transported? Why risk ruining your precious painting or breaking an antique vase when Virgin Islands Moving Services can take care of them? Our trained professionals will wrap, pack, box, or crate any special items with care, so you can send them off with peace of mind!

Trucking Services:

We have a variety of trucking options available to help you transport your cargo throughout St. John, St. Thomas and the surrounding cities in the Virgin Islands! Whether you’re moving locally or shipping freight overseas, you’ll feel at ease knowing that our reliable, well-trained professionals are handling your freight with care.

At Virgin Islands Moving Services, we’re easily accessible via telephone or email, simply contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today at (800) 857-2984!

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