Rolling Shutters

At Islands Services, we offer the people of the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Antigua the very best hurricane and patio door rolling shutters, including installation and repair services.

It’s always best to prepare for a hurricane, especially living in the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Ensuring that your house is properly equipped with hurricane shutters is a must have priority. As locals of Virgin Islands, our team knows the importance of preventative protection and the value that quality brings during a devastating hurricane when trying to reduce damage. We offer various types of hurricane shutters that include our rolling patio door shutters. Shutters provide privacy and protection from severe weather, sun damage, and hurricane-force winds. 

Island Hurricane Shutters Feature:


  • Lockdown construction that will not flap in the breeze, swing and sway like vertical blinds, and will never get caught.
  • Easy ability to block light when needed
  • Convenient care with no need to dry clean
  • Permanent and almost maintenance free protection and convenience
  • Hurricane wind-resistant strength and security

Our rolling shutters are suspended overhead on side rails mounted to the building structure with code-approved fasteners to ensure the building is protected. The entire assembly is tucked just under the soffit for a clean look in the industry’s smallest shutter box. Every shutter is tested in the plant for operation before shipping to the customer.
When it comes to safeguarding your properties from the hurricane, you’ll want to a trustworthy company. Islands Services has helped numerous homeowners with hurricane shutter installations and potentially avoided massive damage in recent hurricanes. Whether you’re located in Puerto Rico, Antigua, or the US Virgin Islands, we are able to service your shutter needs!

Contact our shutter professionals in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Antigua today!


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