IT Services

Virgin Island Services offers managed IT services in St. Thomas, St. John, and throughout the Virgin Islands. Our knowledgeable, reliable team knows how to provide great results for any organization’s technical needs, whether they’re big or small. We offer a wide range of IT support solutions which can be provided both locally and remotely. Whether you need help setting up your new office, protecting your data or repairing crucial office equipment, you’ll find a solution to every technology concern with Virgin Islands Services.

Network Setup Solutions in the Virgin Islands:

While keeping your organization connected is an important aspect of running your business, it may not be what you’d like to spend the most time on. To save you the trouble, our IT services specialists provide server management solutions so that you and your team can focus on what you all do best. Our highly-skilled team can streamline and monitor your systems to ensure that all your operations are updated and running smoothly, without having to hire a new CTO in the Virgin Islands.

System Administration Solutions:

Virgin Islands Information Technology specialists can also assist you in setting up your cloud computing systems, giving your company’s systems the option of keeping your users connected and your data protected!

Whether you’re looking for a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or Hybrid cloud configuration to meet your organization’s needs, we’ll find a way to ensure your employees stay connected, informed, and productive. Our cloud management solutions simplify data recovery, disaster recovery, and backup storage, all while keeping your costs low.

Our attentive IT specialists will be monitoring your data storage, routers, multi-layer switches, security systems and wireless access points. Whether you request support or we see an issue come up, you can be sure that it will be dealt with when it matters most!

Cyber Security Solutions:

In today’s day and age, network security threats are happening more frequently and with greater complexity than ever before. For any business, big or small, managing your security systems can be a major hassle. Virgin Islands Cyber Security IT Services can handle these systems for you, keeping data and technology monitored to ensure they stay safe. Our extensive security solutions include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your organization’s systems will ensure you won’t run low on disk space or encounter security risks.
  • Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus software management for your users.
  • Testing for patches and updates to your systems’ software, before they’re installed for all your users.
  • Firewall management to detect any potential threats or unauthorized access to your systems.
  • Wireless security systems.
  • Remote access (site-to-site VPN, IPSEC clients, SSL),
  • Active directory security.

Other Information Technology Solutions we offer throughout the Virgin Islands:

Computer Repair Services: We offer a wide range of computer repair options, regardless of which operating systems and machines your company is using. Let our computer expert technicians solve whatever issues you have, so you can refocus on what matters most in your business!

Digital Signage: Do you have a local business in the Virgin Islands you’d like to promote at street-level? Virgin Islands services offers digital signage solutions to make your brand gets seen!

Voice over IP (VOIP): Keep your organization connected and in-communication anywhere in the Virgin Islands.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today at (800) 857-2984!

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