Hurricane Relief Services

Virgin Islands Services is ready for the consequences of any natural calamity. These disasters can include earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms. During Hurricane Irma, we provided cleanup and relief services to all those in the United States Virgin Islands. Hurricanes Irma and Maria true tests dependably tests to how accessible the resources really are. These disasters can affect large portions of urban areas as well as numerous islands. No event is ever the same. The focus of our goal is to ensure minimal down time to ensure that homes and businesses continue to thrive as they should. Virgin Island Services are glad to offer commercial restoration for all areas of hurricane damage throughout the Virgin Islands, including Saint Thomas, Saint John, and other islands in the area.


Our Hurricane Services Include:

  • Hurricane repair administration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Dehumidification and Moisture control administrations
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Electronic restoration services
  • Catastrophe management
  • Evacuation and transfer of wet materials
  • Monitoring and recording moisturelevels
  • Ensuring healthy living environments
  • Content cleaning and stock control
  • Crisis control
  • Emergency power
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