Commercial and Home Painting

Virigin Island Services provides full painting services for all types of commercial and domestic buildings. Our locations are include St. Thomas and St. John, among the other Virgin Islands. Often times, paint jobs can be a hassle. Leave the work to the professionals to take care of.


At Virigin Island Services, we have a quality team of painters that take pride in making sure the job is done right. Our group of talented experts can handle both indoors and outdoors, providing an  experience you won’t receive anywhere else. We can assure that your job will be done the first time around.

Commercial Painting Services in Virgin Islands

A number of organizations don’t have sufficient time or energy to paint the inside or outside of their work environment. Virgin Island Services has commercial painters in St. John and St. Thomas, among the other Islands, that can paint exactly the color and hue that fits your business the best. The way your building is painted can dramatically affect the way individuals see your business.

Need Residential Painting Services in US Virgin Islands?

When people consider hiring the most professional team, they consider Virgin Island Services. While many property owners  finish their own painting indoors, exterior painting can be a bit more troublesome. Regardless of the location of your home, our team of experts will take care of whatever your needs are with a masterful finish.

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