Mold Removal Services

Domestic spaces can quickly become plagued with a mold infestation after the presentation of a water source. This may result from a rooftop leak, plumbing issues, or even a natural disaster. It can grow and worsen after 48-72 hours, and can deliver major health problems to the tenants and surrounding neighborhood.


If there is a chance that your property has a problem, Virgin Island Service Professionals can examine and evaluate your home or business. If anything is found, they have the preparation, tools, and ability to deal with the issue.

Virgin Island Service Professionals

  • Provide on call response
  • Fully trained with water damages and outbreaks
  • Fast service with little down time
  • Industry’s leading experts

If You See Signs of Mold, Call (800) 857-2948 For An Estimate


Understanding Mold

Small fungus spores are active all over the place – in buildings, vents, and in the air we breathe. This makes it difficult to expel all forms from a home or business. Some restoration services promote a full removal from your desired building. This is not true, due to the inherent nature of the mold itself.  “form evacuation” and even certification to expel all shape, which is a deception. The following list includes common facts that one should be aware of:

  • Mold exists in the air we breathe almost everywhere.
  • Spores are small enough to penetrate into your home or office buildings through ventilation holes, piping, open doors, HVAC systems, or even through household pets and clothing.
  • Mold depends on moisture in the air to survive. This problem gets worse in the presence of water.
  • Water problems must be addressed first and foremost, as the issue cannot be resolved unless the foundation from which the growth lives is removed.
  • Most often, residents can detect spores through not just visible symptoms, but through a specific odor as well.
  • It is important to keep humidity as low as possible in areas where you dwell the most.

Why Choose a Virgin Island Services?


cropped-vi-services1Fast response To Natural Disasters
Virgin Island Services offers swift services for mold removal. Any homes or business affected by this problem can contact us for minimal down time and professional solutions.

cropped-vi-services1Highly Trained Remediation Professionals
Our removal specialists are trained in dealing with water damage and bacterial removal from floods. Virgin Island Service professionals are fully equipped with the right tools to deal with any situation:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician

cropped-vi-services1Advanced Mold Remediation Expertise and Tools
Virgin Island Services uses the most qualified equipment to fix the source of water that the growth is thriving from. This is done through a quarantine of the infected area through an air pressure assembly.

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