Residential Cleaning

Virgin Islands Residential Cleaning Services

Flexible, Stress-Free and Trustworthy Residential Cleaning Solutions at your Convenience

Virgin Islands Services offers a wide array of cleaning services at your convenience – you can choose a schedule that works for you! We’re always available for cleaning in St. Thomas and St. John, but also offer residential cleaning throughout the Virgin Islands! Let us know if you want us to come by…

  • On a Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Basis.
  • To do a Seasonal Clean-up.
  • For Cleaning During a Vacation Rental Vacancy.
  • If you need an Emergency Clean-up.
  • For Cleaning Before/After Special Occasions.
  • After a Move-out or Before a Move-in.
  • After a Period of Construction at Your Property.
  • For Other One-Time Cleaning Visits at Your Request.

Virgin Islands Residential Cleaning

As part of our diverse set of offerings, Virgin Islands Services proudly provides residential cleaning and laundry services – all at your convenience.

Although we specialize in residential and vacation rental cleaning, deep cleaning, boat cleaning and laundry services within St. John and St. Thomas, we offer a variety of cleaning services – all of which are widely available throughout the Virgin Islands. Take a look through our list below to see how we can serve you!

Note: If you have any special requests which are not mentioned in this list, you can contact us and we will find a way to accommodate your needs.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Counters, Sinks and Backsplashes.
  • Cabinets.
  • Refrigerator and Appliance Exteriors.
  • Microwave (Interiors and exteriors), Oven Exteriors (Unless interior cleaning is requested).
  • Floors (Floors will be vacuumed, washed or mopped).
  • Tables, Chairs, and Other Kitchen Furniture.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Cabinets, Mirrors and Vanities.
  • Showers, Bathtubs and Tile Walls.
  • Sinks, Counters and Backsplashes.
  • Toilets and Bidets.
  • Light Bulbs and Light Fixtures.
  • Metal Fixtures (Will be wiped clean and polished).
  • Floors and Baseboards (Will be vacuumed, scrubbed and washed).

Party and Special Event Cleaning

We offer the following cleaning services before and after events at your property!

  • Pre-Event Cleaning and Preparation
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning.
  • Dish Washing After an Event.
  • Post-Event Cleaning and Preparation

Cleaning Around The House

  • Door and Door Frame Cleaning.
  • We’ll Remove Cobwebs, Fingerprints, Spots and Eliminate Stains Throughout the House.
  • Dusting for Furniture, Ceiling Fans and Window Sills.
  • Removing Trash in All Rooms.
  • Wiping and Shining Mirrors.
  • Carpet Cleaning (Carpets will be vacuumed, or power-washed by request).
  • Tile, Wood, and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning.
  • Light Fixtures, Bookshelves, and Lamps.

Laundry Services

We offer professional laundry services by request. Simply contact us and we’ll have your clothes washed, folded, and delivered back to you ASAP.

Others special cleaning services that we offer by request:

  • Boat Cleaning (Including living area and galley).
  • Deep Cleaning Services.
  • In-home Power Washing.
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning.
  • Mold Removal around the Property.
  • Oven Cleaning (Interiors).
  • Cleaning underneath Refrigerators.
  • Waxing and Buffing Floors.
  • Emergency Clean-ups.
  • Clean-ups after Construction.

Bonus Services

Please enjoy one extra service listed below each time we visit, and we will provide it to you at no additional cost!

  • Changing Bed Sheets.
  • Vacuuming Furniture.
  • Washing and Shining Glass Doors.
  • De-liming a Shower or Bathtub.
  • Polishing Cabinets in the Kitchen.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today at (800) 857-2984!

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