• Job Duties
    • Move materials from one location to another within the job site.
    • Mix and transport concrete materials.
    • Gather, load, transport and unload materials, tools, equipment and supplies required for performance of work.
    • Cleaning of tools, equipment, and facility for a safe work area and happy client.
    • Perform other duties and activities as required by the manager.
    • Use and monitor quality and production of straight edge to level/shape freshly poured concrete.
    • Check rod floor for flatness.
    • Use “edger”, jointers, and straight edge to edge and joint concrete floors as required.
    • Finish slab edges using hand tools.
    • Operate light and advanced equipment (e.g., truss-type hardener spreader, truss screeds, bull floats, and lifting equipment, etc.) to level and treat concrete slab surfaces.
    • QC and patch defects with cement mortar as necessary or requested.
    • Ensure concrete slab with curing mats or waterproof paper. Wires corners of mats to top edge of forms or stakes, or places weights such as boards, rocks, and/or sandbags to keep covers in place.
    • Comply with all applicable company, island, and OSHA safety rules, regulations, and guidelines at the job site.
  • Requirements
    • Must have own tools for many job types
    • Team player who can work independently
    • Excellent work ethic
    • Solid communication with management and client
    • Take pride in your work and deliver consistent results
    • Willingness to learn and follow directions.
    • Ability to lift heavy loads.
    • Have reliable transportation to make it work when scheduled! Locations vary by job on STT and STJ
    • Report hours and tasks completed to manager in a timely manner.

To apply for this job email your details to

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